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【メディア掲載】インフォステラがTech in Asia Jakarta2016で準優勝& skolkovo awardsを獲得

記事:Horsepower wins Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 Arena, trots away with $5k prize

インフォステラがTech in Asia Jakarta2016で準優勝& skolkovo awardsを獲得しました。


Picked out of a pool of over a hundred applicants, the startup beat five other finalists:

  • Sevva (Indonesia), a marketplace that lets people rent stuff they need only for a while.
  • Vena (Singapore), which claims to drive ad revenue for app publishers by injecting video commercials into their apps. The publishers have full editorial control – they can decide how many commercials will show up as well as when and where within the app.
  • Kostoom (Indonesia), an “Uber for dress-making” that connects tailors with customers.
  • Infostellar (Japan), which owns Stellarstation, a platform that allows antenna owners to sell their idle antenna time to satellite operators.
  • Queq (Thailand), a queuing system that lets users virtually stand in line.

Infostellar landed in second place, while Vena secured the third spot.

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